Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Email to the Video Game Show

Hi, Video Game Show My question is, have you ever played a game with an overwhelming amount of AWESOME. For example. Resident Evil 4. Resident Evil 4 was, in fact, created by Capcom by extracting PURE LIQUID AWESOME from the center of the earth and compressing it into a DVD. When the user places the disk into his Gamecube/Playstation, he is then splattered with what he knows to be pure liquid AWESOME. Now, this cannot always be a good thing and then there's AWESOME all over the coffee table, and then you call the insurance guys, and they're like "We don't cover AWESOME damage, sorry." And you're like "Frick, this table was transfigured into a pet Raptor and now I have nowhere to put my Drink." Then you go upstairs and open the fridge, only to see that it is now filled with gourmet meals. And you're like "Frick, all I want is some pizza." So then you order pizza, and then you try to eat it, but before you get a chance to, your Raptor devours the whole pizza with one gulp before devouring your left arm. And you're like "Frick, how am I supposed to play Resident Evil 4 now?" So, yah, have you ever played a game with that much AWESOME? Don't AWESOME and Drive.

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