Thursday, October 12, 2006


The Flowers for Jack guy has written one of the best articles I have ever read in my life. Read this news posting. Now. Here's a sample: Dear George: I read your rather bizarre letter in Electronic Gaming Monthly. I guess you computer types don't think we lawyers can read. Couple of things you got wrong, Ace: 1. I never said you "were employed by Take-Two Interactive." Never said it, never wrote it, because I never thought it. You've got 15 days, under Florida law, to produce to me, by return email, the letter in which I said you "were employed by Take-Two" or I'll take legal action against you. Check out Florida law on that, if you can read a statute book. 2. You did not want a humane exchange. You wanted to mock me. That was what the flowers were for, and even Electronic Gaming Monthly figured it out. How is it that you are the only one who "got it?" The fact is, you thought this was some sort of joke. Sorry, this issue is not a joke. I've sat with families who are smaller in number because some gamer jerk like you became immersed in a very violent entertainment modality and it made an impact on him. This stuff is not funny, George. You don't get to define what my concerns are and belittle them with some stunt. You've got 15 days. Jack Thompson Check it out.

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