Tuesday, November 08, 2005

What's New for 2006 - Apple: Intel Inside

Two worlds will collide in 2006, producing the first systems capable of running both Windows and Mac OS. (Maybe.) "Also, look for some hacked-together systems (not released by Apple) in which an Apple computer runs Windows or dual-boots both OSs. Asked about that possibility when he made the Intel announcement, Apple CEO Steve Jobs seemed resigned to it. Apple will neither sell nor support such a thing, but "that doesn't preclude someone from running [Windows] on a Mac," he said. "They probably will."" That would be interesting. A Mac/Windows/Linux Computer. I would love something like that...a computer in which compatability is no longer an issue. In fact, I'll bet you a lot of people would love that. I expect this may allow Apple to get a larger market share. Level the playing field.

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