Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Mr. P is L337

All right. Now everyone is furious at my school's english teacher, (for anonimity reasons, we'll call him Mr. P.) l at the moment. First I'm going to tell you why. Honors Engilsh is a course at lunch time put on by the principal. It adds 10% to your English mark. When Mr. P heard about this, he was furious. He's had problems with the principal before, and he's retiring this year. So he didn't want the principal to mess up his evaluation. At the end of class today, Mr. P told all of us in honor's english to stay behind after class. He explained to us that he's going to give us an "I" until this whole honors english thing is resolved. Now a lot of people were understandably upset by this, but if you're upset at Mr. P, consider this:
  • Mr. P doesn't really want us to graduate with 'I's. When this I is replaced with a real letter grade, the I will be forgotten. It won't affect our ability to get into university, scholarships or anything like that.
  • I don't think Mr. P wants to affect our OVERALL grade. Just temporarily.
  • Mr. P is doing the one thing that not enough people do. He's standing up for his beliefs. He's showing no fear. He knows his job's on the line and he wants to accomplish this before he retires.
  • I am not going to get into the problems I've had with the administration in general of my school, but I really don't like the principal, and especially the vice principal. At the moment, I'm on Mr. P's side. I salute Mr. P and wish him the best of luck in this war. Stay tuned to this blog for updates.
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