Thursday, November 24, 2005

Mr. P is L337, P4r7 2

Please read part 1 before proceeding forth. You cannot imagine what the mood was like in english class this morning. It was one of the most unique moments in class I've ever been in. Mr. P starts off the class by saying that he got home last night and then put on some music and then went to bed. The interesting thing is that you could tell that the whole english class knew what happened yesterday after school with honor's english. Even though there were only about 7 of us there at the time. "I have a...meeting...that I might need to go to at 8:45." Mr. P says. "In fact, I almost guarantee it." Then at 8:45 the Vice Principle walked in. The room fell entirely silent. Complete...eerie...tense silence. You have never heard a classroom this silent in your life. Mr. P walks out of the room, and a student passes him a note. It says, "We won't forget you if you become an unperson." After about 30 seconds of silence from when Mr. P left, the room erupted into conversation. At around 9:30, Mr. P went back in and stunned everyone. He had a smile on his face. He didn't lose his job, and something is probably gonna be done about honor's english. The rest of the message I got from Mr. P was criptic. He said that our 'I's would be changed, and that they would be meeting again for two weeks. He said the meeting was with The Principal and Vice Principal and someone from the school district. He said they were meeting again in two weeks. He definately seemed to be in a good mood though. He told us all of our marks and adjusted them through the 10% he got back. I'm telling you, that class was such an interesting class in the way that Mr. P taught us. He knew that everyone in the class knew what happened, yet he never mentioned one word about it. Stay tuned for updates.

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