Thursday, September 14, 2006

Wii: $249.99

Allright. So. ... The Wii. Was announced. Today. For $249.99 ... This will include the Wii, one controller, a nunchuck attachment, and Wii Sports. ... I am unhappy. Do you know why I am unhappy? Nintendo said the Wii will retail for LESS THAN $250! LESS THAN! NOT EQUAL TO! > see? > there it is again. not =, >. Look at the kind symbol that is here: >. It smiles at you. See look $250>price of Wii. See how the zero makes a smiley face with the >? Can't you see them running around in open meadows with "Da da da da daaaa daaaa" in the background? But no. Instead we get: $250=price of Wii. See how the 0 and = make a face that sort of make it look like it was TORN APART BY HANNIBAL LECTER? I mean, really nintendo. I suppose you can make the argument that "It is cheaper. By one cent." Well, there is some stuff you could do with that one cent you save. Here's a few ideas.
  • Electrocute Nintendo Headquarters.
  • Make a copper sword and kamakazi Nintendo Headquarters
  • Throw melted copper at the windows. And I'm done. But I'm still bitter.
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