Thursday, September 28, 2006

Myst MMO?

The guys at Joystiq have an interview with Rand Miller, who is working on releasing Uru Live for gametap. This game was cancelled long ago and now gametap is bringing it back to life. They are also setting up ways for people to play it around the world (as of yet, gametap is only availible in the states.) The idea of an adventure MMO is mind-bogglingly awesome, even though I have somewhat frowned on the myst series as a whole. The myst series were incredibly immersive, but way too difficult. But perhaps tackling the puzzles of Myst would make it new again? Gametap also announced that they would be making the resources availible to allow people to make their own ages, and that is amazing. The thought of independent game design of this calibur would mean a never-ending supply of content, destroying the play-once problem with adventure games.

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