Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Bored? Try Chatting With Some Random Person!

This cool little web app lets you chat with a completely random person on the web. A cool way to socialize off your workday! I found this pretty cool. Throws you in a room with a random person. Here was my convo. chat with a random person! It's kinda cool, this is my convo [22:12] hey? [22:12] *** _855a308984 has joined #9d01ffab69 [22:12] hey? [22:12] *** _855a308984 is now known as branden [22:12] *** _d19d9565cf is now known as minime283 [22:13] ahoy there [22:13] im just trying this out, won't be here too long [22:13] what's up? [22:13] just logged on here for the first time, and can't be on for long [22:13] lol [22:13] just brushing my teeth before, bed, in fact [22:13] where are you from? [22:13] im gonna go to bed too. Even though its a little early for me [22:13] west coast [22:13] hear about this on digg.com? [22:13] that's all im saying [22:13] yep [22:13] palo alto, ca [22:13] cool [22:14] anyways dood, you might wanna check out my blog sometime. [22:14] http://minime283.blogspot.com/ [22:14] have fun with it [22:14] what's the point of the blog? [22:14] and have a good sleep [22:14] night [22:14] nice meeting you

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