Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Konami Trademarks "Guitar Revolution"

Still Cali. I haven't actually played this game yet =m= Following the rockstar reception Harmonix's Guitar Hero has received, it appears Konami might try to emulate that success by bringing the heretofore Japan-only Guitar Freaks series to the US under the recently trademarked moniker, Guitar Revolution.

Filed on 6/29, the Guitar Revolution covers, "video game machines for use with televisions with video game controller in the form of an electronic toy guitar, sold as a unit." So we think what they're trying to say is you'll be able to buy a killer guitar controller to shred your way through a game. Now it comes down to who gets what songs and whose guitar controller rocks harder. That one just ain't cutting it, Konami.

[Via Gamespot]

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