Saturday, May 20, 2006

Zelda: TP Vs OoT?

EGM: Are there any specific criticisms of the last Gamecube Zelda game, The Wind Waker, you’ve tried to address in Twilight Princess? Some people complained it was too short and too easy… EA: With Wind Waker, our goal was to adjust the difficulty so that anyone who bought the game would be able to finish it. But I think in doing so we probably made the game too easy for the people who have been playing Zelda for years. Ocarina of Time is still the pinnacle of the Zelda series in many people’s minds, and we’re looking at making Twilight Princess bigger and grander than that. In terms of dungeon count, Twilight Princess already has more dungeons than Ocarina. Because of that, there are more items… Our real objective with Twilight Princess is to make something the hardcore Zelda fans can look forward to. Man... I'd totally be reading this article IF I WAS GETTING MY FREAKING MAGAZINES!!! ahem. This is exciting. So the Zelda game was pushed into this strange dimension us gamers called "vaporware", accompanying Duke Nukem Forever, Starcraft Ghost, and Spore in the "Will they ever come out?" category. But now it's finally nearing, and It better be worth the wait. Better than Ocarina? I doubt it. Good luck with that. One thing is though, Wind Waker they DID make way too easy. I think this Zelda game is aimed more towards the hardcore gamer, despite the fact that they're trying to go mainstream. They better have used this time to put in more orchestral tracks like that SWEET E3 2005 trailer.

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