Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Top Ten Launch Titles

When I first looked at the TITLE for this, three games immediately came to mind. Super Mario 64 is a given. It was the first 3D platformer, and one of the very first 3D console games. It was revolutionary for it's time. Also, Halo. Why? Because it's Halo. Duh. And of course, the last one that came to mind was Tetris, which is the first game to define handheld gaming. I was pleased to see all three of my predictions on the list. 10) SSX// Playstation 2 9) Virtua Fighter// Sega Saturn 8) Halo: Combat Evolved// Xbox 7) Power Stone// Dreamcast 6) Super Mario World// Super Nintendo Entertainment System 5) Ridge Racer// Playstation 4) Combat// 2600 3) Super Mario 64// Nintedo 64 2) Super Mario Bros.// Nintendo Entertainment System 1) Tetris// Gameboy Of course, I had completely forgotten about the other mario games. This list reminds me of how disappointing the Gamecube launch lineup really was. Two words: Luigi's Mansion. Will Zelda: Twilight Princess blow most of these games out of the water? We shall see...

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