Tuesday, January 10, 2006

ouch. OUCH.

Okay, so I was excited today. A new keynote at macworld was gonna be today. Yay. I thought, maybe they might unveil the intel mac. Or maybe (but luckily not) a new ipod. But they unveiled the intel imacs and powerbooks. And all I can say is, ouch. I always heard that the intel macs would be cheaper, but I didn't believe it. This new mac has an intel processor, a 2.0 Ghz dual core. Now, what I gather from this is, that since its dual core, there's actually 2 Ghz processors on the same chip, making the clockspeed closer to 4 Ghz. I'm not sure about this, but the "2x-3x faster" logo on apple's site seems to confirm this. The price of this thing is $1499 Canadian. I can't remember what we spent on the G5, but I'm pretty sure it was cheaper than that. The Apple store lists two imac G5s, one for 1.9 Ghz and one for 2.1 Ghz, and ours is 2.0 Ghz, so its neither. The 1.9 Ghz is listed for $1499. So ours was probably a bit cheaper than that. So we bought this imac G5, and a few months later this imac comes out. Now when the intel runs PPC programs, its going to need to use an emulator, but the PPC won't be able to run intel programs. Meaning eventually the PPC will be as obsolete as OS9. Plus, with the intel mac being twice as powerful, it probably won't have any problem running PPC programs. Here's a recap: 1. The intel imac is cheaper or roughly the same price. 2. The intel imac is twice as powerful. 3. The intel imac will not go obsolete. Yet we got the PPC imac. Again, ouch! I thought it might be a mistake to get this thing with the intel macs around the corner, but reasoning told me otherwise. In conclusion, ouch. Linkingment Linkee

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