Sunday, November 06, 2005

Top 27 Unbelievable Facts That Most People Don't Know

Top 27 Unbelievable Facts That Most People Don't Know This is interesting. I'll bet you that not a word of it is true. Here's a few of my favorites: 20. During World War II, IBM built the computers the Nazis used to manage their death/concentration camps. Right...JewExterminator 2.0. I'm sure. 15. The number of people alive on earth right now is higher than the number of all the people that have died. Ever. That is pretty much impossible. 12. Men can breastfeed babies Eww... 11. There is a rare condition called Exploding Head Syndrome which you've probably never heard of. Hey Joe, how's it goin...HOLY CRAP! 7. A German World War II submarine was sunk due to malfunction of the toilet. Don't you hate it when that happens? The problem with this is that it takes things like Wikipedia articles and presents them as fact. Interesting read nonetheless. read more | digg story

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Cali said...

Hahaha.... you breastfeeding a baby... maybe you can carry it for a trimester or two?