Monday, November 07, 2005

Joystiq Entry on Jack Thompson

Most of this stuff is from earlier blog posts, but there's some new information in here. Jack Thompson fights to stay on the GTA cop killer trial

Jack Thompson book (225)The “GTA cop killer” case in Alabama had its first day of court last week, and already it may be at a halt. On the first day of the proceedings, law firm Blank Rome, representing the defendants (Take-Two, Rockstar, Sony, Wal-Mart, and GameStop) of the trial, filed a motion to have Jack Thompson, representing the families of two cops killed by GTA-playing Devin Moore, thrown off the case for his out-of-court antics. The motion claims Thompson has threatened Blank Rome’s lawyers, even going so far as to accuse them of conspiracy, in various press releases he has sent out.

According to lawyer Jim Smith, “he’s going to turn the courtroom into a circus and we can’t have it.”

Judge James Moore is reviewing the requested revocation of Thompson’s license to practice law in Alabama, taken the stacks of press releases Blank Rome submitted as evidence into consideration. Thompson defended himself by reminded Moore he had told Thompson “after the criminal trial to ‘have at it,’” to which Moore reportedly replied “your ‘have at it’ and my ‘have at it’ are not the same.” Thompson sent a response to Judge Moore, and Game Politics was able to obtain a copy of the letter in question. In the letter, Jack Thompson accuses Blank Rome of protecting the “pornographic sectors of the video game industry whom Mr. Smith so ably represents at probably $500 an hour.” Thompson tells Moore in the letter that Mr. Smith “lied, to your face.” Blank Rome also filed a motion to have the case dismiss, as video games fall under the protection of the First Amendment. Judge Moore is also considering that motion. Jack Thompson’s license is currently under investigation by the Florida Bar Association. In some of his most recent public comments he has accused Sony of committing “another Pearl Harbor.” One more interesting note about Mr. Thompson’s reply to Judge Moore, he actually mentions and plugs his upcoming book, and alludes to having plugged his book on the first day of the trial as well.

hmmm...soo....Plugging your book eh? And these open letters...consipracy gotta stop these Jack...

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