Friday, November 04, 2005

Itoi: Mother 3 for GBA is "nearing release"

Mr Saturn (225)Earthbound/Mother creator Shigesato Itoi has long been in development on a secret project. Mother-obsessed fans have been deciphering his website and words for clues, but today Itoi dropped the bomb: in his own (translated) words, “Mother 3 for Game Boy Advance is nearing release.” Unfortunately, that is all the news he will give, as he is “probably going to stay quiet about Mother 3 until just before its release.” There are very many questions to be answered: is Ness returning? Why not make the game for Nintendo DS? And, most importantly, will we see a US version of the game? To all this, Itoi simply requests, “please forget about [the game] again for a short while.” We wish everyone (ourselves, included) good luck trying to forget this.

[via 4 color rebellion] Yep people, earthbound 2!!! I'm excited. I haven't played that much RPGing stuff...but finally...and GBA!!! NOT DS, GBA!!! I think I might pick this up. Maybe.

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