Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Half-Life 2 Goldeneye mod available on Christmas Day

Half-Life 2 Goldeneye mod available on Christmas Day

GoldenEye SourceBack in September we brought you word of some enterprising gamers’ attempts to recreate Goldeneye as a mod for Half-Life 2. Development has been progressing on the efforts to create Goldeneye:Source and there’s good news—for people interested in testing and helping with the mod, alpha release is just around the corner.

As a Christmas present to the gaming community, the alpha release will be available on the 25th December, and (according to its website) will include:

  • 8 weapons: PP7, KF7, AutoShotgun, ZMG, Golden Gun, Proximity/Remote/Timed mines, and both the throwing and hunting knives.
  • 4 maps: Facility, Facility Backzone, Egyptian, Control.
  • 3 character models: Bond, Oddjob, Ourumov.
  • 3 gameplay modes: Deathmatch, License to Kill, Man with a Golden Gun.

We’ve also uncovered word of a Perfect Dark 2 source mod; despite this age of high-definition sequels, sometimes the classics have as much allure as ever.

[Update - there’s also a Perfect Dark: Source mod; thanks, Tarek]

[Via Joystiq] I sooo wish I could get this game... Friggen awesome... imagine how awesome it would be to play these old N64 games with Half Life 2 graphics. I wish I could play it...

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