Friday, November 04, 2005

Guitar Hero Review

Taking up where Guitar Freaks left off, RedOctane’s Guitar Hero is either in stores now or on its way there. So how did the makers of Karaoke Revolution, Frequency, and Amplitude fare with the hard-rockin’ route? Check it out: concurrent scores of 92 on GameRankings and Metacritic! That deserves a standing-O and an inevitable sequel, er… encore. Here’s what some specific reviews had to say about Hero:

  • Electronic Gaming Monthly: 90/100 “I am frankly astonished by how much playing this game feels like playing the guitar for real.”
  • GameSpot: 90/100 “With its extremely smart approach to difficulty, its great guitar controller, and its killer song selection, Guitar Hero might just be the best rhythm game ever made.”
  • 1UP: 100/100 “After a few beers, some leaps off the couch, about 8 renditions of Boston, countless moments of faux-rockstar posturing, and actually stomping so hard that we broke the disc during the thundering finale of ‘Take Me Out,’ everyone seemed to agree on a score for Guitar Hero… But our scale only goes up to 10.”
  • IGN: 92/100 “The game is just fun. Pure, unadulterated fun.”

All that praise is actually reminiscent of the first reviews of Katamari Damacy when it finally came out here in the States. Anyone else with Guitar Hero experience out there who can chime in, for good or for bad?

Woah. I so totally want this game now. Thanks a lot, playstation exclusive. Ah well. That's what I get for being a hardcore nintendo fanboy. Still, if the PS2 drops under a hundred bucks, I can see myself buying it for this game...if its as good as it sounds. Or perhaps just playing real guitar.

-via joystiq

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