Saturday, November 05, 2005

Dreamcast 2.0?

Is Xbox 360 the next Dreamcast? I don't personally think it will DIE A HORRIBLE PAINFUL DEATH like the dreamcast, but 1up has a fascinating article about 23 striking similarities between the two. It also shows how the XBOX360 will not fall the way Dreamcast did. Dreamcast did not die. The best games have been ported/sequeled (Crazy Taxi, Sonic Adventure, Soul caliber) and now Sega's heading in a new direction. Microsoft, however, can't do that. You wanna know why? THEY HAVE ALMOST NO FIRST PARTY GAMES!!!!!!! Except for the Rare stuff (which is exceptionally rare by the way, how many rare games came out for the XBOX?), and Bungie stuff, there are none. Sega had a first party lineup, but no support for anyone else because they were racist against Sega (cause Sega is BLUE see.) Microsoft, however, can't fail because their strength lives in developer support, not first party software. Plus Micosoft are filthy rich, and that sucks (See: Pirates of Silicon Valley) Yet Microsoft will probably be the most successful console manufacturer this time around. Nintendo is a lot similar to Sega, but they said "The day that we quit console gaming is the day we stop making games" or something to that effect. Now that we see nintendo in a new light under Satoru Iwata's reign, the company may go in a much more interesting direction. I mean, let's face it, Nintendo's last president, Hiroshi Yamauchi did not even play games. This may mean a new birth in this company. That's great for a fanboy like me. It may not outsell the XBOX360 but, meh. I predict that this will be the success of the consoles:

  • 1.XBOX 360
  • 2.Nintendo Revolution
  • Playstation 3

    Sony is too stubborn to keep the lead they've had with the consoles this long. Come on...apparently the PS3 is tons more powerful, but no one bothers to program for it because it's too difficult to. Why are you idiots Sony? Why? Now, obviously, they must be doing something right, otherwise the PS2 wouldn't have sold enough units to defy logic... but Success is a menace-it tricks smart people into thinking they can't lose. (again, POSV. Go see it. Now.) In conclusion, I think that XBOX360 will be a huge success over the next five years, but that won't matter cause there'll be a nuclear holocaust in 2007. O.o
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