Sunday, November 13, 2005

Douglas Adams on Windows '95

"The author of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy takes on Bill Gates" (NOTE: article dating back to 1995) Okay, you may or may not have heard of Douglas Adams. He wrote The hitchiker's guide to the galaxy series and the Dirk Gently series. Well it turns out this guy was a mac fanboy! Look at some of the things he says about microsoft, priceless! "the song which is better known for its catchy refrain "You make a grown man cry". This is a phrase you may hear a lot of over the next few days as millions of people start trying to install Windows 95. Even the best designed systems can be a nightmare to upgrade, but whatever things Microsoft may be famous for, good systems design is not, as it happens, one of them." "However, the Macintosh is not the last word in interface design, and if Microsoft had been the innovative company it calls itself, it would have taken the opportunity to take a radical leap beyond the Mac, instead of producing a feeble, me-too imitation."

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